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Tuesday 12th February

The New Rose Pub
(home of the AngelKnits group)
84-86 Essex Road,
London N1, Angel Islington

From 6.30pm!

I doubt it will be a late one for me, which is a shame as it's my birthday the day before and tradition says I ought to get wrecked. Oh well ;)

I'm hoping to have spare copies left of the book to sell but not loads - it'll be first come, first served etc. And I am happy to sign books, just excuse me if your request makes me giggle! (I don't do this 'fame' thing very well ;)

Michael left a link for a great story on my last post - certainly worth reading!

Mallie - you can find more about our bus in the archives and also in the build gallery. There's not been much bus talk of late, due to the slow winter and the book and Baba taking over the show ;)

And with that, I'm going back to bed. We did our first trip to Mothercare yesterday and it's worn me out!

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