We've recieved so, so many wonderful pressies for Baba over the last few weeks, it's amazing! Finally I managed to get some half-decent shots taken this morning with what could loosely be called natural light. Sorry, but I don't have the set up for taking photos of things bigger than Hats and probably haven't done these the justice they deserve, but you can see just how lovely they all are.
Hazel made us this amazing blanket - check those sheep! If I remember correctly, the pattern is from one of the Vogue books, and you can see the textured detail of the sheep knitted in here. She then attached some sheepy print cotton fabric, and as the yarn is Matchmaker it's all machine washable (and pre-shrunk ;) The colours are totally spot on and this is one warm blankie!

Here's a funky sporty set from MLQ - the Hat and jumper are her own workings, and the bootees did come from a pattern that I know she has linked in her Ravelry notebook but escapes me right now (sorry ;) Again, all machine washable and practical - I felt a bit bad about ranting on about gifts for Baba, y'know, about how we won't have the space or means for a lot of stuff, but it's great to recieve so many practical ideal gifts! Spot on again, thank you :)

BabyLongLegs made us this freeform woolly comforter from her own handspun, superwash merino. Isn't it superb? Lovely and colourful, tactile too... not to forget even more woolliness ;) I can see Baba having a good 'ol chew on those ears! This fits perfectly into my plan to encourage Baba to be as tactile and colourful as possible.... my mum did with me. Ok, so I wear mostly black but my work reflects my love of texture and colour, so it worked.

Liz tie dyed us this romper suit and we love it! Nowt wrong with being an old hippy and having a soft spot for tie dye y'know. I can see me using this one much more than the ones I'll be dyeing.... I've only got naff Dylon dyes for cotton, whereas I know Liz is set up with decent procion dyes for a proper job.

Liz also gave us this lovely blanket that she'd knitted, and I'm told is from one of Wibbo's books? Again, lovely and soft & machine washable in Matchmaker merino, and you gotta love those purples! Aren't all these hand-mades so well done and thoughtful?

Finally, a crochet blanket from Blogless Gloria. Actually, she made it for me when I was a mere bump 37 years ago (ouch) and it's great to be able to pass it on to the next generation (which I'm sure my parents both thought would never really happen with me ;)

We're so touched and impressed with all these Baba pressies that saying "thank you" doesn't seem good enough but yes, a huge thank you for all of these! Aren't they just the best? Our Baba is gonna be one lucky little being :)

Meantime, the practice contractions are in abundance and there's been a few false alarms (although not bad enough to drag my mother down from Sheffield prematurely) It can't be long now, surely.... I so want my body back!

Walking, standing, heck any movement other than laying on my side or sitting squarely on the sofa is uncomfortable. I've had to hand over the chores to Tom which means the flat is a mess... heyho ;) Although he is very good at popping out to get me some yummy munchies and keeping the butter and crumpets topped up. Also very good at foot massages and general pampering.... shame he's come down with the flu :( It'll be my turn next to be bunged and snotty - Tom rarely gets ill and it's guaranteed when he does that I'm not far behind.

C'mon Baba, hurry up.....

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