Hoorah hoorah! My pupils aren't dilated!

The trip to hospital yesterday shows that the iritis is in the very early stages, meaning I'm getting the symptoms but there's not much showing up on their high-tech opthalmology equipment... which in essence means it's too early to treat. They don't like to give the steroid treatment or heavily dilate until it's well under way, due to the side effects of the treatment itself. Normally at this point they'd leave me to self medicate or tell me to come back in a week, but with Baba due that's a little tricky. So they've given me a bottle of drops to take only if it gets any worse - they're optimistic that this attack will either fizzle out before it becomes a threat or will be very mild.

That's great news! Wasn't looking forward to giving birth partially sighted and blurred.

One of the tings I've been doing lately is writing myself a new CV. It seems like years since I've had to do this, as before now all I did was update my teaching one. This time, for reasons that will all become clear at a later date, I've needed to focus on creative and textile pursuits & qualifications. So no need to blah on about engineering or indepth teaching stuff or A-levels etc, time to show off with all things more enjoyable! (there is a list as long as this for all my engineering and academic qualifications too, but that's rather boring ;)

I've removed all the sensitive stuff from this version, but here it is in essence. It's kinda funny to see it all on paper and realise just how much I have done! It's saved as a jpeg so the text might not be as crisp but it will enlarge for a closer read.I aim to catch up with all my emails today and take photos of all the recent pressies and gorgeous Baba gifts. That though, will depend on the level of headaches and sleepiness ;)

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