The first edition has just gone live - exciting!

For those not in the know, this is a new online magazine focusing on UK yarns or yarns available on our shores. Not that there's anything wrong in non-UK yarns, but it gets very frustrating when you find a pattern you want to make yet can't get hold of suitable materials this side of the pond.... and so this brainchild was born. It also aims to support our indie dyers and yarn companies, which I think is fab.

There's a Wormhead design to be found! 'Arbacia' uses 100g of sock yarn from the Natural Dye Studio, and is knit sideways with a cable and eyelet brim and a cute crown pattern. That's my step-sister modelling the Hat - thanks Dasha! (why do I know so many photogenic people?)

Kate and Diane have worked really hard getting this magazine off the ground, and have done a grand job. Go check out all the other great patterns and support everyone for their hard work :)

PS/ all the forms are done!

PPS/ After seeing my midwife shortly, Tom's taking me to hospital to have my eyes tested for the iritis. Which means I'll be dilated for today at least, and if I have it my pupils will be dilated for sometime.... so no computers, no reading, no TV, no lights, no looking.... no nothing! :( I've had pupil adhesions before and narrowly escaped permanent sight damage in my right eye, so can't take any chances. Grump.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead