And so we had the book launch do last night. It was fab - nice and comfy with plenty of knitting, Hat wearing and drinking (them, not me. I managed half a glass of white wine and a glass of champers - wahoo!). There was a nice amount of people too - if more had turned up I think I'd have got worn out too quickly and ended up being a lame host!

Thanks to the AngelKnits group for letting us invade them. You'll recognise Corrie, Amy, Tom & Ceris from the book. The one hiding from the camera is Ann, normally accustomed to being behind the lens. And you'll also see MLQ sporting a fab sideways pixie Hat ;) It was fun giving all the team their well earned pressies, I can't thank them enough for their time and efforts. There were a few faces missed, which was a shame but can't be helped.

I'm very, very tired today, am already running out of words so shall let the photos do the talking. There's birthday goodies and Baba goodies to share also, so will get them snapped and up soon.


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