I'm way, way behind in sharing hand-made goodies for our imminent offspring. So this post may look like I've been ultra busy but it is a few months worth!

Firstly, a gift from Wye Sue. It's probably pretty obvious that Baba will be wearing plenty of Hats, and isn't this a cute one?!
Next up we have a jumper that I knitted top down using the standard formula, so no pattern I'm afraid. Used all the Colinette Jitterbug that Sheila (MIL) bought us a while back. I intended adding a hood but I ran out of yarn 'cos I made it a little bit big.... ... still, there's nowt wrong with clothes the wee one can grow into, right?

Another BSJ in shades of greens and jades etc, slightly bigger than the first one I made. I do love this pattern.
Then some knitted trousers - from the Blue Blogs' Baby Bell Bottoms pattern. I made some adaptations to this pattern. The first pair, on the left, were knitted bottom up as the pattern suggests. However it also directs you to knit the legs flat, join in the round for the body then seam the legs.... now I didn't get that, I mean, why seam when you can knit the legs in the round? So I did.

The 2nd pair (which are *still* waiting for the ends to be sewn in and the waste casing to be stitched down) I worked top down. This pair is slightly larger than the 1st but still only had 100g of yarn, so kept going, making any mods, until I ran out of yarn. It was a close call, but we got there!

And now some sewing. I found this website that has free sewing patterns for baby clothes - handy!

I did have a good hunt for sewing patterns and was prepared to spend cash but they all had this odd selection of styles in them, which isn't much use.... we don't need frilly stuff or accessories for the sake of it - we need practical and durable - so this website was perfect.

I've also finished the Beth's Little Star blanket, but couldn't get a decent shot of it full size so this will have to do.I used the full 200g of Fyberspates Merino/Tencel yarn that I bought at FibreFest, and it is a pretty decent size which is cool. It was crocheting this blanket that kept me sane when I was hospitalised for those 4 days before xmas. Got the nurses talking, too.


It's probably about time I explained colour and clothing choices, especially for those lovely folks who have been thinking about making things for us...

Yep, I suppose there's a slight colour theme but it has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER ok? :) I tend towards jades and purples anyway, but there's something else to it.. these colours suit both genders, don't they? Further more, both mine and Tom's natural colourings lean this way too - Tom has pale grey/blue eyes, I have green and so it's likely Baba will follow suit.

Gender orientated clothing is banned. That goes for logos, motifs, frills - everything. We're not huge on stripes, 'specially if they're even - random colour is loads better. Think alternative ;)

Strong, bold colours are perfect - just remember who the parents are!

Likewise, we're gonna be living in a bus. Practical clothing is best, hence all these dinky trousers in machine washable fibres. We'll have a wood burning stove for heating and the kitchen sink for a baby bath and hand washing. We'll have no washing machine, so anything white that comes to us will be dyed - have never understood the whole 'baby in white' thing - they just look so dirty all the time. Besides, I banned whites years ago in this household.....

We've ordered in some biodegradable nappies to start of with, and then will move on to cloth nappies - Lottie has been a star and given us a big pile of Terry squares (and yeah, I'm gonna dye those too ;)

Thanks also to everyone who has sent us babygros and sleepers - most of whom don't have blogs. These are piling up so don't really need anymore - space is limited in the bus. We have plenty now, thanks!

Blimey, I sound like a right facist don't I? I'd just hate to see folk spend so much time making something for us that may not get used, y'know?

Heck, you all read this blog. You know enough about me to have worked all this out anyway ;)

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