In an effort to find the right stitch pattern for the design I'd developed in my previous post, I posted to the 'Knit Tech' group on Ravelry asking for suggestions. I got chatting with Joan Schrouder, who after reading my blog, suggested I look at Zimmerman's Pie Shawl. It's another pattern I don't have but have been able to read a bit about it.

And so I discovered the maths for this kinda knitting construction has been done before... another of my 'bubble' moments, whereby I learn the hard/late way that nothing is original. Which I know of course, nothing is really new, but you gotta love the way these reality checks kick in.

I'm glad I know this now - it makes me feel better about the similarities between my design and Gaughan's - but at the same time not, if you get me. I feel slightly happier about moving forward with it but am a little bit wary of any possible "you copied Zimmerman!" accusations which isn't the case, y'know?


This is how I'm thinking I might work it....

Ok, that's another crap drawing. But please remember that a) I'm using a new graphics tablet and b) I live in a bus, which is a bit like living in a boat.... it moves. I can draw, really, though funnily enough I don't like drawing... it's just too 2D for me.

There's still an issue with which stitch pattern to plug in, as this method of construction and shaping doesn't lend itself to every stitch out there - but I think I've got that covered. None of this has been knitted yet, it's still in the theory/maths/initial design stage, so it could still all go pear-shaped.

If anyone is curious about where the influence comes from, this may help....

This was my first tattoo, done when I was 30 (nearly 8 years ago - yikes!), my own design. OK, so it's not exactly like the design I'm working on but I think the connection is clear. I suppose my point is is that circles aren't new - the above tattoo is based on a series of early symbols, possibly Pagan. And it's not news that they're my favourite shape either - I'll use circles whenever I can. And the maths of circles has been played with for centuries too, and me likes this kinda maths :) I'm not sure where I'm going with this - am I making sense?

Anyhow's, that's something in store for 2009! I don't feel inclined right now to do a full recap of 2008 - it's been a fantastic year but it's had it's difficult times too. Aran was born and we (finally, finally!) managed to leave the UK yet these haven't been easy journeys as you know. A year of significant events, that's for sure. No regrets, though ;)

I want to wish everyone a positive and enlightening New Year - make the most of it! x

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