It's a bit of a tradition (I'm told) that Christmas here on the Yard is a communal affair. And as (Grandma) Sheila is here, she went and rounded up the troupes and got things in motion. Not everyone came along, but enough of us did to make it memorable.

These are the before, during and after shots from our feast. People bought along what they would normally cook and everything was shared. There were one or two who didn't bring anything and still had a hearty meal, but there's no point in worrying over who had the leftovers, eh?

We had dinner in what's affectionately known as the 'house' - an old building on the site that's hardly pretty yet is warm and dry with enough room. We partitioned off a space so that Aran could have some freedom - he's crawling real fast and starting to walk sideways holding on to chairs and the like. I think it's fair to say he enjoyed the day ;)

We didn't go mad with presents - a lack of cash and space saw to that - but we're happy with that. Aran now has more than enough toys to keep him amused and I've been playing around with my new graphics tablet (and remembering how much harder it is to draw this way!)

The obligatory sheepy present arrived in the form of pyjama's from Bow and very cosy they are too :)

So that was our Christmas - modest and enjoyable and no Boxing day blues (which means no hangover for me! ahh, one of the benefits of parenthood ;) Onwards onto the New Year, which I prefer to celebrate - and who knows, this time I might get a little tipsy! I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves too :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead