Wahoo! First blog post in the new home!

First things first  - my domain name (woollywormhead.com) may not yet be mapping correctly, so you'll see a 'squarespace' in the URL - to try and reduce confusion, I'll explain what's going on.

This new website is stored at woollywormhead.squarespace.com. OK, that's where it lives. However, by transferring the grown up domain name and mapping it, it means that this website will have a new address. Make sense? Mapping hides the 'squarespace' bit from the address and means that woollywormhead.com will be the main way to find this site.

However, this website does actually have both addresses. Even though the 'squarespace' has/will disappear, it will still work.... so if you've used the address with that in it, don't fret. It's just that the 'squarespace' addy is better not being used, so please use woollywormhead.com if you can help it, thanks :)

It's a bit like here on The Yard - this commune has 2 addresses. There's the old one which everyone knows. Then the local council made a new road which also gets you here, and they changed the postal address. However, Mr Latino postie knows both and either will get here.

Anyhow, the festive season has suddenly arrived and Tom has told me to take some time off. Yeah right. But I wholeheartedly agree that I should drink more vino!

Enjoy the Solstice!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead