I tell you, it feels very, very good finishing things. Y'know, I think I'm on a roll :D

Thank you to everyone who grabbed a tape measure and filled out their head measurements for me. I've done some maths, studied the numbers and made the results available to download as a PDF here.

Even though I asked for gender, in the end the results were too biased to able to make any comment on whether or not men do have a larger sized head on average compared to women. Of the 2 largest measurements received, one was me and the other was a male, so that proved nothing (except that yep, I do indeed have a big head (or big hair) but then I knew that already, having seen the shock on the face of my millinery tutor at Goldmsiths) So, I decided to leave out the gender results because I didn't think they were fair.

The other problem I encountered was the lack of small sizes, especially for babies under 6 mths. I appreciate these are difficult measurements to get so this isn't meant as a criticism at all. Also, as our heads grow most rapidly through our first 12 mths, I'd have needed a serious amount of results to be able to say whether or not there was any pattern or 'true' average.... and really, given that we already know that this range of sizes varies so much, it wasn't worth chasing.

What interested me most, and what the whole point of the exercise was, was to see if there was a relationship between head circumference and length, based on real measurements.

And it turns out there is, of sorts. And so I used this result (well, it was a range, not an exact figure, and I couldn't say whether this is related to age as I didn't have sufficient samples) to calculate estimated lengths for the smaller circumference sizes.

I'm sure mathematicians would scrutinise my findings, but at the end of the day this has been done to help me and other knitters and crocheters to have a measurement to aim for. It's no guarantee that it will fit perfectly, but it's a starting point.

And I'm very, very glad that it proved that my adhock system of estimating measurements is actually pretty good ;)

A little faerie tells me it's xmas in 6 days time. It's funny - once you remove yourself from the big cities and any chance encounters with shops you don't really notice just how close xmas is!

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