I'm feeling pleased with myself today, for I've managed to check some things off that list! Hoorah!

I don't think the new wesbite will ever be completely finished, as it's one of things that can be tweaked forever, but I have (I think) got it to a point where I'm happy with it. There are a couple of pages that need to be added and formatted (Translated Patterns for example) but otherwise, it's all in there.

Infact, it's more than all in there 'cos I've updated the tutorial pages and have added a fair few extras! I've gone through my old blog posts and pulled out some tutorials that seemed like they might be worth tidying up and putting into PDF format, including 'Microwave Dyeing' and 'Turning Plastic Bags into Yarn'. The 'Woolcare' page on my old website has been added as a PDF tutorial (though I know it's not really a tutorial, but this seemed like a good way to organise it) and is on both the 'Dyeing & Spinning' tutorials page and on the 'Knitting & Crochet' tutorials page.

The 2 new additions that I'm really pleased with for myself for are key tutorials for some of my patterns. True, they could be found elsewhere on the 'net yet I've wanted for a while to have any relevant techniques available alongside the patterns.

Firstly, there's the 'Circular Cast-on'. A fab method of casting on which is absolutely perfect for top-down Hats. It looks exactly the same as a regular bottom-up Hat whereby all the stitches are threaded and tightened at the end. It can be a little fiddly to start yet it's so completely worth the effort.

Secondly we have a 'Provisional Cast-on' tutorial. Some people may recognise the photo above from Going Straight, but I haven't lifted the full tutorial and all the extra notes and photos - I didn't think that would be fair on people who have bought the book. There is though enough information to make it a worthwhile download, and I guess it also acts as a sampler for the techniques in GS.

Both of these are ready to download here.

There are a few more I'd like to do, but one step at a time. I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not finishing the 'Hat Blocking' tutorial some while back, but it's one of those that you can just keep adding to, and of course I want it as complete and as thorough as possible! Still, it's in progress. I might give myself a whole week soon to devote to tutorials.... want to do one for tubular cast-on in the round, as well as do more for the 'Kitchener Unravelled' book. That though means negotiating time and that never seems to work in my favour...

It won't be long now before I'll be blogging on the new site too! The domain name transfer is in progress, and once done, any remaining blog posts will be transferred and it will all be together in one big happy family! Even though the site currently has 'squarespace' in the URL, that wil all be mapped out when the transfer is complete. Anyone using the squarespace url needn't panic as it will still work after the transfer. I'll post more info about that when it's done.

Finally, I've given my Ravatar a bit of seasonal spirit. I don't normally do this sort of thing, but thought I could do with cheering up as well as giving Aran some virtual snow!

I can promise though that the line is drawn here; I won't be one of those parents who sends out xmas cards with photos of their offspring dressed up in a Santa costume.

Right - what's next on that list to tackle? And is there anything I forgot to add to that list.....?

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