1. Finish the new website.
  2. Finish the Babylonglegs handspun Hat pattern for the KCG
  3. Start and finish the commissioned historic Hat design (but it's ok, I have it in my head)
  4. Finish 'Kitchener Unravelled'.
  5. Start and finish the new 10 pattern booklet of beanies with a twist, 'Twisted Woolly Toppers' (which may or may not feature some cable designs)
  6. Knit the current circles design that was calculated on the plane and submit it. Somewhere, anywhere, so long as it is submitted.
  7. Beg for more data so I can finish the head size survey and publish the results.
  8. Finish the Hat blocking, circular cast-on and prov cast-on tuturials and upload to the (new) website.
  9. Find a way to knit safely whilst playing with Aran.
  10. Find a way to write and check patterns whilst washing up.
  11. Find a way to photograph new Hats whilst sleeping.
  12. Stop wasting time surfing. You know where.
  13. Give myself a break.
  14. Stop giving myself more things to do.
  15. Stop beating myself up for not finishing all the things I set myself to do.
I guess Tom would consider it more poignant if there were 23 items on the list. Hey, no problem... I can easily find another 8 things to give myself to do... no wait, that would be 9 more things as I'd have to scrub out no. 14...

ETA... poo, I forgot some stuff. This list is for real, and posting it here will *force* me to sort my head out and get on with it. Otherwise chaos will take over and I'll start vearing towards a black hole.

  1. Learn my Open Office software - I'm not making the most of it.
  2. Learn Open Office Calc - not just for charts but for other stuff (it's useful, I'm told)
  3. Learn Scribus. In Design is way, way out of my budget.
  4. Learn InkScape. Illustrator is way, way out of my budget.
  5. Investigate and install suitable knitting fonts
  6. Once Calc is sussed for charts, remove old chart software, get rid of Windows (hip hip hoorah!) and install Linux OS.
  7. I'm sure there must be a no.7 (or no. 22?)
Onwards. Starting with the website. At least the domain transfer is in progres.

.Learn my Open Office

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