At last, Going Straight has it's own ISBN and is available retail and wholesale from here. It's really exciting - even though the book is a year old, doing all the work for the 2nd edition and getting a new publisher & ISBN makes it feel like a first launch. It's also a huge relief too, after all the work, to see it finished and heading for the shelves of yarn stores across the world.

Wee Woolly Toppers will be following suit, and I want to try and get this one out of the shadows - GS is like the older, cleverer brother that always seems to get all the attention - so it's about time WWT stood up for itself.

Haven't had a chance yet to add the details to my new (temporary!) website as I had to go back to the UK for a couple of days. Nothing urgent, just stuff, and the kind of stuff that I knew I'd have to deal with at some point. Not wanting to risk taking my knitting and then losing it, I spent the plane journey having some mathematical fun, and designed a new beret pattern that is based on ratios and concentric circles. Infact, it's that mathematical that the pattern is written and works before I've even knitted the thing! Even though I missed my boys muchly, my brain enjoyed the chance to get stuck into some juicy calculations, which is something new motherhood doesn't often allow.

Aran's asleep after wearing himself out with the excitement of seeing mumy and playing with his new toy (that part of the trip was fun - hunting for Aran's present!), so I'm going to do some knitting. Before I go, I want to shout out to a wonderful lady who has helped me so much with getting the 2nd edition out in print. Not only does she run an online knitting magazine, and not only has she recently published a book, but she also did a Zimmerman and set up her only publishing company too. Amazing. Thank you Ruby!

PS/ thank you for the recommendations for the Japanese stitch dictionaries! Hopefully this week I might order something... doubt it will be here before xmas as the Italian postal system makes Royal Mail look like the most efficient service on the planet...

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