A certain someone told me that a parcel was on it's way to Italy to cheer me up, and I had an inkling of what it might be. I wasn't wrong, and neither was I disappointed.

A skein of Sarah's own handspun - 'Ode to Vincent' - a 3ply, pretty much DK gauge. 2 of the plies are solid colour merino's and the 3rd is a cashmere/merino blend, and it's the 3rd ply that gives this yarn is tweedy self-striping look.

Yummily soft & very lovely. Quality spinning too, if I might say so.

Straight away it was wound into a ball to check gauge and stuff and see how the colours look...

I really like how it plays out in the garter stitch, which is handy, as that's just what I had in mind for my next project. She has made me promise to knit something for myself, and it will be for me, only I will write the pattern too.

A while ago I promised a pattern to the KCG.... I am a member of the Guild but find it a bit tricky to support them much, being as I'm over here and they're over there. But I can help out by donating a pattern or two for 'SlipKnot', the Guild magazine. I've had an idea for the perfect pattern mapped out in my head for quite some time... a cute little garter stitch Hat, unisex, sized from babies through to adults, with a couple of knit options. Only the I couldn't find the right yarn... until this one landed here yesterday. It's perfect, and so now I can finally knit this baby, get the pattern written & photographed and emailed off to the new editor. Sorted. It's a pleasant knit, too.

Thank you so much, m'dear - right yarn at the right time!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead