The new design, Traversa, is now up on Ravelry & available for purchase, and will be added to my website over the next couple of days. Clicky here.It's a gentle beret, with the interesting zig-zags that gently work their way towards the crown. Worked with 100g/200m/220yds of Louisa Harding 'Grace' in merino/silk blend. The yarn adds to the beret's drape - a woollier yarn would make it firmer.

As always, pattern is provided in a selection of sizes - 19/20 (21/22, 23/24) inches, 48.5/51 (53.5/56, 58.5/61) cm - with notes included for adjusting the pattern.

This one does need gauge to be spot on, however, as row gauge is often tricky to hit I have included some notes on how to deal with this - this pattern is fully charted and doesn't leave any room adding length should the body seem short. As well as the chart, written instructions are also provided.

Hope you like it! This is published pattern no. 90... and I think that scares me.

Thank you for the suggestions & emails regarding sorting out the mess that is my website. I was pointed in the direction of SquareSpace - they are a kinda build it yerself pre-packed deal, only different, as I've never found anything this customisable before now. They offer a free trial period so I signed up for that to see how I liked it... if this fails, the only option left is self-hosting...

The 'new' site has a couple of bugs, mostly in IE (of course!) and on the pages where PDF's are for sale (haven't figured why...) so have emailed the support team, which will prove a good test on customer service (which surely has to be better than my current host) It hasn't taken long to build, and as it's something I don't have to concentrate too much with I can fiddle with it when I get the odd 10 minutes here and there.

Wanna see how it looks?

Off I go to curl up. It's freezing outside but our new stove is seriously toasty :)

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