I'm not a great one for submitting to the paper mags. For the most part, I don't like their process - you get a few weeks between submission calls and first deadlines, which is barely enough time to get a design sorted, let alone get a good submission pack together and sent off. Add in the postal factor and it gets seriously tight. IK did at one point say they'd accept email submissions but they seem to have changed their mind.

Then, if you're lucky enough to get through, after all the jumping around and happy dances, you have to get down and seriously knit to hit the next deadline. It's do-able but stressful, and I like to avoid stressful at all costs. Of course once you're accepted, you also have to make that design match the outline you sent in and I can never promise that... I design on the needles not on paper and everything always changes. I've always had myself pegged as a poor candidate for this kinda process, so I give it a wide berth.

Yet each year, when the fall and winter mags come out, I kick myself for not even trying.

Thing is, if I do consider submitting to say, the top 2 US mags, which one should I go for? Whenever I look through IK nothing ever grabs me. Rarely. On the other hand, VK does grab me, most of the time. More often than not I won't knit the stuff in it but that's 'cos I haven't got the time, not because I wouldn't wear them.

Now, I have absolutely no idea about what's in or out and what the majority like to knit. Zilch. I'm completely clueless. All I have to judge by is my own tastes, and if they lean towards VK, then methinks that would be the better one to try submitting to.

I'm still not sure though - there's nowt worse than sending off a design that's so seriously out of that mag's boundaries that it's embarrassing. So I could do with some feedback here folks - which one of the 2 would you think I'd stand a better chance with? IK or VK? I'm leaning towards VK, but if you think they're totally out of my league, you gotta say so!

The other dilemma that's been bothering me is my website. That and my blog. It's been bugging me so much that I can hardly bear to look at my website. It's in such a need of an overhaul it's unreal. I also want to move away from my current host - for the 2nd year in a row they've failed to tell me that the .com is up for renewal and so the whole site went down for a day or so - and that's really annoying.

As always, I want to bring this blog and the website together, and it's about time I did. I want to keep it all simple; me likes simple layouts. Don't want anything fancy, just clean and clear. Paying someone to do it is probably out of my budget and I can just about cope with simple css and html. If the new layout is too fancy it will make my photograghy look naff, and I can't be doing with rephotographing all my Hats, especially as I don't have most of the samples anymore.

So once again I'm looking for suggestions....

Wordpress has caught my eye. I've read that I can transfer all my old blog posts from here, but how reliable that is I don't know.... can I, and can I also keep all of the comments with them? And adding pages - anyone had any experience of adding lots of pages (there's lots of patterns to host!) with the premium service, and how about the coding aspect? Transferring my domain names seems to be possible... I'd probably transfer one first, say the .co.uk, do all the work needed so the old site is still active, then when all done transfer the .com and have it point to the .co.uk, which is how it's set up now.

Anyhow's that's something else I need to find time for... doesn't stop me thinking and planning though... and any advice on that one is welcome (even if you've told me it all before....)

Amongst all the mayhem of the last couple of weeks, I have managed some knitting. Hoorah!

A new design, no less. We've had great light here so the photography is done. Pattern fully charted, just editing and checking all the written instructions.

This pattern is a little tricky though, as it requires both stitch and row gauge to be spot on. All the spare thinking time over the last couple of weeks has been spent trying to work out how to add notes to the pattern for compensating for row gauge coming up short, as it isn't easy. Methinks now though I've got it sussed.

The details - it's a beret in Louisa Harding 'Grace' - a really drapey merino/silk blend. Nice yarn for stitch detail, though it's a single ply and does pill a bit, but it stood up to being ripped out several times. The stitch pattern itself isn't as difficult to knit as it looks, it's definitely more of an interesting knit rather than a mindless one.

Finally - I have the ISBN for Going Straight! When that bit of news came through it made my week. Not long now 'till it's up and ready.... then it can hit the shelves. It's so exciting, it's almost like publishing for the first time all over again ;)

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