The weather is starting to turn cold here in Italy; it's currently around the same temperature as it was when we left Holland, only sunnier, and I can't wait for this baby to be finished....

Tom's been beavering away building our woodburning stove. We hunted for one, ready to pay, yet they were all too big for our bus, and really we don't need a huge one as we don't want to be cooked, not to mention the space we'd lose. So we decided to use the money we'd put aside to buy Tom his little arc-welder and build one ourselves (which pleases Tom muchly!)

We aren't getting particulary cold in the bus, but the little electric heaters we've been using won't be suffice for much longer. They're warm but they cost (we're metered here for our electric use) and they don't really feel like warmth, if you know what I mean... not in the same way a wood stove does!

I can't confirm the science of it, but Tom assures me a woodburner is the best way to heat us all up and help reduce condensation. Y'see, we've had a bit of damp, not uncommon for our type of living. During all the horrible wet weather we were experiencing before we got here, it got difficult to air the bus each day and clear the condensation - some days we'd have let in more water than we let out!

We've got ourselves a mini dehumidifier, a caravan variety and it's helping... add to that our soon to be stove and we'll be seriously warm and toasty before we know it, ready for the winter. We'll need to get something to get rid of the mold that's started to form, but that's not the end of the world. At least here we can air the bus each day which helps stop it building up.

A bit of damp hasn't been our only worry though, as we spotted the arrival of these pesky blighters...

Humane traps have done their job, and we haven't seen or heard anything for a few days now. We realised that we'd parked up near a nest, or rumbled one whilst we were getting settled, as we had more than one come in. Still, we've got rid of them before they settled in and started causing any damage, and we've also become the local magnet for the Yard cats, who quickly cottoned on to where we were releasing them...

All of this stuff is pretty normal, really, but having it happen all at once has been getting me down a bit. If you cast your minds back 50 years or so, to the days before central heating or running hot water, when folk warmed themselves with open fires and the toilet was outside, then you'd be getting a bit of an idea of what commune living is like. Only the toilet isn't in your back garden, it's down the street and you share it with 20 people. It's not difficult, just different.

Anyhow's, this post needs cheering up, so here's a shot of my boys:-

And some news for the grandparents - Aran's first tooth has finally broken through!

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