Can someone please remind me next summer that winter will soon arrive and that as it is my busiest time so I should start getting my arse in gear sometime around April?

The Mystery Beret (Rav link) KAL is nearly over - the last knitting installment went up this morning. And so far the Hats that have been posted look great! It's an adapted Shetland Horseshoe lace stitch pattern, which is a pretty common stitch and I juggled it around to fit my needs and the pattern structure.

The crown pattern is the best part, methinks... the crown patterning on a beret is much more prominent than on say a beanie, and so a nice decrease format does a Hat proud. Initial reports say the two versions I posted aren't come up as slouchy as hoped, which is unusual as my designs are normally on the slouchy side of normal, so I'll see how others' get on and make mods as necessary. It's partially down to the blocking methinks, gauge, and maybe how folk are creating their yo's.

Two new patterns have been posted on Ravelry, but not on my website yet... my website needs a *lot* of work but time is against me, as has been our internet connection as it takes a long time to load my site from the servers.

Anyhow's, Marina (Rav link) is up as a purchaseable PDF (priced at £2) - another sideways knit:-

Also up is a quick top-down ribbed beanie that I wrote the pattern for a few months ago then gave the Hat away before photographing it... Thanks to a wee incentive I can now share a photo, courtesy of Cottonon from Ravelry (thanks Pat!) So here we have Dylan's Beanie (Rav link):-

All 3 of these will be added to my website soon, I promise. As soon as there are more hours in the day and I grow an extra pair of hands.

Last weekend saw an annual market and festival in Santarcangelo, and the Mutoids had a stall selling their wares. As we're around I was asked if I fancied adding something to the stall so I popped down to help out for a few hours. My woolly baby Hats did look a bit odd against the metal scupltures, but hey, I sold the most items!

A friendly Italian lady who's opening a new boutique in Rimini spotted my Hats and stopped for a quick chat (with translator ;) and has since been here to the Yard to talk further... she wants to stock my Hats in her new store opening on the 27th November. Which is great, don't get me wrong, but I haven't got time to knit any more! And as I always now write a pattern for each Hat I knit... well, let's just see how many new designs I can manage in the next 2 weeks. Ha.

I've got several designs I need to finish for publication, so the new ideas buzzing around in my head have to go sit in a corner for a while. My inbox has got the better of me (again) and I'm now way behind with my emails (again) Sorry! The files for Going Straight & Wee Woolly Toppers have gone off to the new publisher so will have some sparkling good news about those soon. At least I got the 2nd edition of GS done - that was giving me some serious headaches.

Finally though, and I think this is good news, my head has well and trully switched back into kitchener mode. This means that the colourwork book ('Getting Stranded') will go on the back-burner for a while... I wasn't getting into the designs as much as I'd like, things weren't flowing smoothly, so that's ok. Now, 'Kitchener Unravelled' is in full swing. Somehow my brain (last night, as I was trying to get to sleep) discovered some deeper level of understanding of this technique, and even managed to work out how to graft some stitches that are supposed to be ungraftable. But hey, it was late...

... which reminds me, I need sleep. Tom's gone up to a friend's to play video games, Aran's sound alseep and I'm blogging from bed. Time to switch off.

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