I was joking in my last post, y'know. Fair enough I was whinging because I can't go, but it was a jokey whinge ;)

Some things have been *really* bugging me, and some other difficult things have happened, and I realised that these aren't things I can blog about. And I can't blog about them because I'm not anonymous anymore. Do you know what I mean?


But hey, I may have found a solution to my book problem. I'm working on reformatting it for black and white printing. It's not ideal, but there's no way round the jump in cost for colour printing. I want to keep it in print, and I've had so many enquiries from yarn stores around the world that I'd be daft not to find a way around the problem. One yarn store in the US bought nearly all of my spare copies and sold them all in no time, so there is enough interest.

Going the b&w route means I need to make sure that all of the charts are using symbols, not colour, and each size will have a seperate chart. I gotta check how the images translate, though that shouldn't be a major problem - and I'll still have all the colour photos of the Hats on my website. This is a common solution for indie designers... I've been fighting to keep it in colour but I can't anymore. The other annoying factor is that I still have to work with Lulu (grrr) so am now biting my bottom lip over more than one thing ;)

But hey, it will have a lower RRP, and it will be rather mad to see it on Amazon! The colour formats as they are will stay to 25th October. After that it will change, and I'm trying to keep a colour format but no promises. Meantime, I'm working really hard on basically writing the book again from scratch.

I got thinking though.... the next book, 'Getting Stranded', all about colourwork... how can I go ahead and print that totally in b&w? Is it possible to do without colour? Am now wondering if I'm wasting my time with all these new designs and plans, y'know?

When did all this get so complicated?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead