Yesterday saw Sid's 40th birthday, Tom's friend who we came here to see. A party was had, and a thoroughly enjoyable night it was too. Don't you just love the way a manual focus portrait lens does odd things after a few beers?

We have our respective hangovers, and most of the partiers were still going strong after we'd woken up from a reasonable sleep. Well, as reasonable a sleep as a 6 1/2 mth baby will let you have when he knows you've drunken a little too much beer.

The astute will notice that the last of the photos above has me in it (the back of me; much better than the front) wearing a red beret. Well, it's the Mystery Beret! I haven't blocked it yet, I was too impatient to wear it, so it doesn't look as full as it should. The Mystery KAL is all set to start 1st November, and I'm amazed at the level of interest! I quess it's a bit naughty of me to be flaunting mine before we've even started...

For anyone interested, it's gonna be lacey but certainly not complex. There'll be a regular beret slouch version and an extra slouchy version. It's available in 3 sizes and needs a yarn with a standard aran weight gauge of 18st x 24 rows to 10cm/4". All the installments will be posted in the Wormhead's Hats group on Ravelry, along with relevant photos and charts.

To tease some more, here's another deliberately out of focus shot from last night:-

Awful photo, huh?

Thanks for all the feedback and support regarding the stupid increases in printing costs for Going Straight. I really don't know what I'm going to do... I've looked around at similar style (POD) printers yet very few offer full colour printing, and Lulu is the only one offering wholesale & distribution.


I could try using a traditional printer, but that's a whole other ball game that I'm not sure I want to play. Either way, the printed version gets shelved for the time being. That's pretty gutting, after spending nearly a year of my life working my bloomin' socks off to write a book and see my work in print. But hey, the PDF is still available, it's still getting great reviews, so it hasn't reached the end of it's road yet.

I have a hair of the dog waiting for me, then a warm, comfy bed.

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