We're off tomorrow, starting our journey to Italy.

Thanks again for all the great tips for places to stop off and visit, your suggestions have been really helpful! We're aiming to make Trier our first stop (cheers PurlPower :) and from there we have a couple of other spots earmarked, depending on how the journey pans out.

Whenever I travel to a country, I always hunt down something of the local Textiles... whether it be a museum visit, a sample of fabric or even a book, I bring back something (you ought to have seen what I bought back from Thailand!). But not this time, we haven't really been out and about much. I haven't even stepped foot in a yarn store or been to a local knitting group (thanks for the invites!)

But then I found this.

Admittedly it's just a magazine ad, but it has knitting in it! Furthermore, it appears to be advertising the Dutch Stitch n'Bitch group. Idiot me hasn't had it translated yet, so if anyone wants to help out give it a shot. This piece of paper may not be a sample of a traditional Dutch technique but I've got my memento.

We're later leaving Holland than we hoped, which means that the we'll be on the road come 1st November. I've put it up for vote as to whether we start the Mystery Beret a couple of days early or a couple of dates late, and we'll know the outcome soon enough.

Otherwise, I've got journey knitting planned (a jumper for me, gloves for Aran and slippers all round) and I'll be finishing off the new pattern and the 2nd edition of Going Straight, so plenty to share when we reach Italy in a few days.


PS/ we need more noggins sizes! Desperately short of measurements for babies and the under 5's, as well as adult men, I've now resorted to begging. Please. Pleeease go measure some heads and post the results here. Please. Fank ewe :)

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