I have a feeling that some people may have misunderstood my last post... it was written with the intention of getting myself a reality check (which I got, thanks!) and enquiring about how other folk go about the business of blocking (or not, as it may be for some ;)

I was worrying about the whole issue of unblocked measurements and designing and such, which in my head snowballed when it really shouldn't have. I feel a *lot* better and greatly reassured, along with being reminded that even though I may play in different fields now, I don't have to spend all my time there. I will still work in the same way, only now feel more confident about my methods and opinions. It is really easy to get lost sometimes, especially when you're surrounded by so many strong opinions that differ from yours. Rosie's comment about the Rowan workshop was a clincher, and I could have kissed her for that.

Binge Knitter - oh yes, I learnt too that folk don't check row gauge - which can be a bit of a problem for the sideways patterns! For the vertical stuff, if it's important I say how many rows, or say to work to a given measurement, ending after a particular row of a stitch repeat, so at least they're roughly in the right place. It's a tricky one, for sure.

I'm still finishing the pattern for the new Hat, as well as checking over the reformatted version of Going Straight, so an impromptu photo session was just the break I needed. This is the extra slouchy version in the largest size, which was probably a bit too big for Stef. Still, it's all we had and it still looks pretty good, methinks.

There will be a regular slouch version, more like the shape of Abalone, ish. That will use less yardage, but all versions can be made from a single skein of about 190yds. The stitch is an adapted seafoam stitch... I found the various common versions of the stitch pattern too saggy in this Hat, so after some playing around found a way of working it that sat much more comfortably, and ended up using less yardage! The first version was about 5yds short of finishing.... and I only realised this after knitting it all..... bah. Mind, that Hat would have sat halfway down my back....

The stitch is worked all the way to the crown, although you can't really see it... but if it wasn't it would be dead bulky and wouldn't sit nice. And BTW, this Hat hasn't been blocked. Not because I'm being contentious, but because I haven't done it yet. I do think this is one of those patterns that would be fine without, though. It's worked sideways on straight needles with a garter stitch brim, which sideways makes it ribbed with plenty of stretch! I'm going to include a mini tutorial with photos for the graft, as although it's garter stitch based you need to do the right version of garter kitchener. (and yes, you should know by now there are 2 versions!)

Hey, I was brave and did some modelling too! This photo shows how much better big hair tucked up inside the extra slouchy version looks. There are other photos in existance that show me wearing this Hat from the front but you ain't gonna see 'em. Oh no.

So that's about it really. Lots and lots of tweaking and fiddling and writing and such going on that I so, so need to finish so I can let loose and have some fun with yarn again. I always get stiffled after doing this part of designing, and because I dived straight into re-doing GS (not that I had much choice) almost immediately after finishing WWT, I'm close to burn-out. Sigh. Still, the Mystery Beret KAL starts soon so that should be fun :)

We're leaving for Italy in a few days, so I'm sorting out some knitting for the journey, and will probably do some non-knitting knitting too. I've been known to write whole new patterns on long train journeys, so a bus ride across Europe should yield some interesting results ;) Can't wait to get going again!

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