Y'know, self publishing can be expensive when you want to provide a printed paper version of your stuff. And it's about to get even more expensive.

Lulu have sent a generic customer service email regarding price increases that are due 28th October. They state that these increases are necessary due to the current recession (and that excuse always sounds like b*llocks to me) and that the price structuring is changing drastically.

So, I follow the linky to their website that tells me all about the new pricing structure and charges.

And for Going Straight? There's a 50% increase in production costs. Fifty percent? FIFTY PERECENT!

As if colour printing wasn't expensive enough, it's now ludicrous. The unit cost of the book is why I've never managed to make GS available wholesale as it's RRP would end up at £25+, but I have been working on reducing the pages to reduce the cost. I'd have to half the number of pages to make it a viable project, so I'm gonna give up now and save myself the time and effort.

I'm afraid I'm probably going to have to pull GS as a printed book (unless they pay heed to my complaint, and to all the other complaints they will recieve) before the end of October, unless I can find somewhere else to get the printing done for a fraction of the cost. Lulu expect me to either swallow the cost (and earn zilch from the book) or pass it onto my customers. The increase is higher than my royalties.

Ironically, due to the way they have restructured the pricing structure, based around binding types+no. of pages, Wee Woolly Toppers stays pretty much the same price, but I'll probably pull the printed version of that too, out of principle.

Thanks for squeezing the small guys out of the market, Lulu. May many more of your customers jump ship.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead