There's been a great response to my post, asking for suggestions of sights to see on our way to Italy, thanks! We're planning our route now and getting things ready in the bus, preparing for a long drive.

As we've been tidying up the bus the table has resurfaced again, free of clutter, and so I've taken the opportunity and photographed some of the designs I have in progress. Not that there's much to see, mind.

This first one was a recycled project, that then became a test piece for a potential design for Wee Woolly Toppers and is overdue for ripping out and recycling again. It's Lorna Laces Shepherd chunky, so I will find the right design for it.

This one will be the next individually published design. It's already been test knit more than once, and hopefully be will be ready fairly soon. Well, as soon as I've finished the sample knit (in Araucania Aysen) and blocked it and photographed it....

I really can't remember what this was going to be, probably a baby Hat, and is another one overdue for recycling. It's Louisa Harding Grace and does give nice definition due to it's lustre but doubt it will hold up to something heavily textured, at least on the yardage front. So I think this one wants to be lacey...

Something stranded. Worked in 4ply wool, it requires more concentration than I can give it right now. This one has been on the needles for a while, and until I can work out a way to photograph stranded projects in b&w and still get good contrast between the different colours, it will probably remain on the needles.

This one is all knitted up with the pattern written. It's a great little beanie that I was going to post as a free pattern, except I gave it to it's intended recipient before I remembered to photograph it, and this is all that remains. I'm kinda hoping that I'll still be able to get a photo at some point before we leave Holland, else I'll have to reknit it.....

And here's my biggest current project, finishing the 2nd edition of Going Straight. It's nearly done, mostly. There are other designs in various stages of development but I can't share any of those just now.

Aran being the clever chap that he is has caught his fathers' man-flu cold, and is ill for the first time and not really enjoying it. Being the healthiest member of the family for once is rather novel yet it also means that these projects are all a little behind. The Hat above in Araucania is a pleasant knit and the pattern easily remembered, so that's keeping my hands busy and helping me relax once the wee fella has gone to bed.

It also looks like I may have found a new publisher for GS which has cheered me up very muchly. Can't say much more for now, but will keep everyone posted.

So as always there's a lot going on but nothing much to see!

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