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Catch a viral fashion passion that’s turning heads: Woolly Wormhead’s patterns to knit sideways on straight needles, from her book Going Straight: A New Generation of Hats. Grab an eyeful on her website, woollywormhead.com. Wormhead has creative new baby patterns as well, available for download as a PDF collection. And keep a lookout for her next two books, to build on and enhance your hat knitting: a guide to Kitchener stitch and a book on stranded colorwork."
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Squee! Me, I've been mentioned in latest issue of Vogue Knitting!

I will confess that I did know something might be printed, as they emailed me ages ago about a few details. So methinks I'm allowed to smug as I got a mention in VK (did I say that already?) without having to grovel/pay/sell my soul to the devil for the priviledge.

Squeeeeee some more!

Suppose I'd better hurray and finish the 2nd edition of GS, so I can start finish the next 2 books....

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