Our time in Holland is nearly up, and in about 2 weeks we'll be leaving for Italy. Everything we planned to do here, like finish work on the bus, is nearly done, so we're getting ready to head south for the winter.

We'll be driving down through Germany, crossing the Alps in Switzerland and finally arriving at a commune near Rimini. This is a site that Tom lived on for years, and we've been there together before too. Unlike the last time we drove there though, 12hr driving stints won't be possible with the little dude. We'll need to take the journey slower, stop off for more breaks, and this is where we need some help!

The map above pretty much shows our route. What we need help with is suggestions for days or afternoons out, nice places we can stop off for a few hours to break up the driving and give Aran a chance to be out of his car-seat.

By all means, tell me of any good yarn stores along the route! (being as I haven''t been able to get to any here in Amsterdam, because we're so far out in the sticks that we haven't even got access to public transport) However, if I'm gonna persuade Tom to let me go shopping I'm going to need to be able to bribe him with talk of nice towns, cultural sights, cheap and tasty restaurants and the like. He's going to want more reasons than "oooh... I can buy yarn!" to stop somewhere.

Any ideas?

We don't want to change the route much, and won't be crossing any other borders than the ones shown above. Tom doesn't like driving through France and even though we have to pay the equivalent of road tax in Switzerland, the roads are much better for crossing the Alps than they are in Austria.

So if anyone who reads this blog lives along or near that route, or has travelled that way before, please tell us of any 'must see' spots!

BTW, Aran is 7 months old today. He'll be runing around before we know it.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead