Me bad.

I just couldn't help myself. Well, after months or not going out or buying anything due to working constantly on the book, methinks I'm allowed a little treat.

And oh, aren't they just a treat!

Before regulars start hollowing "but you hate circs!" I will say that I have plenty of excuses. Yes, I will do anything to avoid working on circular needles. I absolutely love my DPN's, but DPN's won't work for every job. I have a few pairs (sets?) of circs, as needs must, but these little babies are a different ball game altogether.

First off, how can anyone deny just how gorgeous these are? I mean, seriously, you'd have to hate wood and colour and pattern and purple not to want these. And you know I love wood, I'm a traditional kinda gal when it comes to materials (which is why, methinks, circs generally don't bode well with me... too much plastic in 'em)

Secondly, they are as smooth as anything I've ever touched. I did hear reports that they were heavily lacquered and didn't feel like wood, but I can only presume those folk either don't know wood or were comparing them to regular bamboo needles. You just can't compare these to bamboo. I've a few lace bobbins (actually, I've hundreds but that's another story) that are are constructed similarly to these needle ends so had a fair idea how they would feel. And I wasn't disappointed.

I purchased extra 60cm cables with the intention of cannibalising them. I'm awkward - 60cm circs are just too long for working on berets and the 40cm have needle ends that take too much getting used to... and of course you can't get 40cm in the interchangeable sets. I like 50cm.

Having asked around - including emailing supplier sources and not hearing back - I eventually found out how long the needle ends were, how long the screw casing was and how long the cable itself was. I also discovered that it's pretty easy to shorten these cables and that it's been done before. And yep, the cable is dead easy to take out, cut down and glue back in. You don't even need a Mr Tom for this job. We only cut roughly 3"/7cm off to ensure they were still comfortable to work with, and they are totally spot on. (ok, so my Mr Tom did this job 'cos he's handy like that, but you can do it yourself)

They are said to have 'no memory cables' - I wouldn't say that was entirely correct... rather they have a very, very short memory! If you store them tightly curled they will still curl a little when opened out, but within a few minutes of use that curl has gone. So it's as good as a 'no memory' cable, just not quite. Certainly one heck of a lot easier than regular circs that curl and and tangle with the yarn! And the cable is purple -what more could you want? The screw joins don't snag and they have a little key gismo for tightening to ensure they don't come undone in use. Like it. And to make matters even better, the screw joins are silver coloured. I can't stand brass or gold fittings etc. Wouldn't have bought them if they weren't chrome like.

I'm not sure I'll make much use of the screw on cable ends - I'd sooner just use straights really - I don't do big projects that require that sort of equipment. But handy if you want to use the needle ends for another project but leave a UFO on the cable. I will be buying some more cables and maybe a few more pairs of ends in my most commonly used sizes.

Any grumbles? Yeah, a couple.

They don't go smaller than 3.5mm in the interchangeables due to the screw mechanism. You can only get the smaller sizes in either 40cm or 60cm which isn't a huge help to me, who's got a whole bunch of bias berets in 4ply in the works. I might check out the 60cm ones when I'm at Get Knitted this coming weekend, see if they're ripe for cannibalising. I'd like to see more ranges available in 50cm length, but them I'm a fussy old moo.

Also, they do do DPN's - but only in sock lengths! Big smelly poos to that - when will the big companies realise that not everyone is a sock knitter? Yep, they make 'em in the skinny sizes but that short length is not good for anything BUT socks. And they don't make Harmony DPN's in a regular length - the minute they do I'm buying some.

Oh, and that age old complaint that KnitPicks won't ship internationally with the excuse of shipping standards or something. But they'll ship to Get Knitted - go figure!

I have to say though that using these needles has to be the most pleasurable experience I have ever had with circs - they are enjoyable to use. And considering I generally loathe circs, that's saying something.

BTW - have you seen this review? The first one, and it's good! Big smug grin :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead