Look what's just arrived......

My bulk order for the book!

Now, this means that not only can I send copies off for reviews where necessary, but also that the team get their hard copy as a thank you. Not only that, but there's a few spares and we've been thinking of some sort of book launch party..... :)

Ok, so this post is a nudge to the team members to let me know best dates for a get together... as I'd really like them all to be there, together. So keep an eye out for possible dates and venues... we won't be going mad as I am too pregnant and tired to travel too far or have more than a glass (maybe 2) of champers.

But we will celebrate somehow!

Most of these books are spoken for but there are a few spare for selling - on a first come, first served basis. Preferably either at GK next week or at the launch party (I really don't fancy dealing with PayPal and posting these, sorry)

And more apologies, but the party will be in London, unless everyone going to Get Knitted on the 12th fancies a wee tipple? There might be space in my bag for a wee bottle of bubbly...... (but don't tell Tom, ok?)(BTW, I'm on the 9.30am outbound train from Paddington, 15.15pm return from Bristol)

I.am.so.busy.right.now. How did that happen? Forget book 2 and 3 - there's no time just yet! There's another pattern to finish today, as well as stacks of emails for reviews and such - thanks for all the feedback on podcasts, think I've worked out the best avenues to go down.

I only had one pattern published last year, but 2008 is an entirely different story... it is quite possible that Wormhead will be in your face rather a lot. So far, not including the new MagKnits, there's 7 lined up for publication, possibly more. Jeez! Then there's reviews and articles.... I'm getting my apologies in now, OK? You have been warned ;)

I've currently got 68 patterns listed on Ravelry.... madness, innit?

PS/ can I just ask - of those who have recieved their copies already, are you happy with the print quality and production? Having just checked my order, some of the covers have been cut slightly wonky and I'm mightily peeved - and have complained! I know this sorta thing happens but I'm not happy.

I can do nothing about these things if you have a problem - you need to go directly to Lulu I'm afraid. Has anyone had any problems or is it just me? (bulk order over xmas when staffing is minimal...)

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