Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post - I guessed that my head was throwing up pretty normal worries but just needed some reassurance! I feel a lot calmer now :) (well, today at least ;)

And as for 'normal'? Ha! Well, surely we all know that the word has little relevance, is entirely subjective and was no doubt invented by someone who liked everyone to fit into little boxes and behave themselves! I'd always say to someone "define normal". My other favourite phrase was "I'm not insane. I'm completely sane, it's the rest of the world that isn't". I don't say it much these days as I'm not as confident about that as I used to be......


I've looked again at this ridiculous list of tasks I've set myself, and can't really abandon many. I'm sure I should be easier on myself, but once the brain has gotten hold of something, if I try to ignore it the grey matter throws a wobbly. So it's down to time management, which is useless as time isn't always my friend and likes to work against me frequently. I like to think that one day I'll get a grip on this 'time' business but methinks that's a false hope! So it's back to small steps, one day at a time.

One thing that I have done and has made me feel pleased with myself is to go through all my free patterns. Some of them were in dire need of tech editing again, tidying up, cleaner photos etc - a few of them made me cringe at their state. So, they're all done now which is cool.This is basically how the new template looks - heck of a lot more presentable & professional, no? (although this image on my monitor isn't as crisp as the real thing) I started with the freebies as they are less in numbers, simpler to work through and in more desperate need. All my old blog posts with patterns are now directing to the free patterns page on the website where they can all be downloaded as a PDF. They're also on Ravelry as a free download too.

This particular pattern, 'Slightly Loopy', needed more attention than most, and at last the photos go some way to do it justice. I didn't find any mistakes in the patterns, well nothing that warrants concern other than perhaps a better explanation. All of them now, except maybe the adult Jester Hat which is more of a recipe anyway, have 3 sizes included.

The purchasable patterns don't need as much work, so they will be done soon enough. The content won't be changing, just the layout. They've been tech edited plenty too, so no worries there.

Time to get on and go see my midwife.

Plenty of Baba knits to share over the next few posts, and maybe a photo of the bump, if you're lucky.

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