So I've been going through my DIP's (designs in progress), sorting out what can be abandoned, whether or not I remember what I was doing, what can cannibalised and recycled, useful elements, what deserves to be finished and written up, and so on.

It's been quite a useful exercise, being as I think I had something like 10 designs on the needles, so being able to whittle that down has been rather refreshing. Now having funky short circulars by way of my Harmonies* I've been able to finish some bias designs which I'm rather chuffed with. I think there's been rather a lot of vertical (top-down/bottom-up) designs sitting on the needles 'cos I've been in sideways mode for the book and so on. Now that that's basically done, except the checking of possible errata as it comes up, and additional sideways patterns for publication are also done, my brain has been allowed to switch back and get on.

You know the deal - click on each image to save yourself from squinting.

Firstly, we have 'Wickery'.

This one could be popular... in less than an hour of it being added to the website the first copy sold. Before I'd even finished adding the finer details to Ravelry it had been favourited, commented on and added to queues.

You're all mad, I tell you.

Knit in the round using bias techniques, there are bands of eyelets and cables forming a lovely swirl up to the crown, where there is a kinda wicker pattern, hence the name. Uses 1 skein of Cascade 220 on 4.5mm needles. Pattern sized in 3 adult sizes. I like it, but not sure it's my fave of these new ones.

Next up, 'Starburst'.

I was working on this one at GK last weekend, and it got frogged a daft amount of times on the train. Probably due to lack of concentration/tiredness, 'cos I kept mis-reading my own chart. So, yep, there's also a chart included in the pattern. (which is correct, although probably shouldn't be rewritten by hand and attempted on the train at 7am)

Knitted from Fyberspates Scrumptious (and it is too!) on 4.5mm needles, the lace pattern isn't too difficult once you've got the hang of it. I'm rather fond of it's romantic rasta look, in silky/BFL mix yarn and that openwork to keep your hair/head cool. The pattern recommends a tubular cast-on for the 1x1 rib, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

Finally, my personal favourite of the newbies, 'Marble Muffin'.

Affectionally named by Tom for all the obvious reasons. Another bias design, that can be left perky as shown in the photo or can be blocked out to a beret if preferred - there are panels of eyelet rib between the moss (seed) stitch which will open up with blocking and shaping.

Knitted using 5mm needles Araucania Aysen, which is lovely to use and will no doubt be a winner for all fans of Malabrigo. I think this Hat is dead cute and quirky, but time will tell as to what folk think of it.....!

Again, like the others here the pattern comes in 3 adult sizes, all available from the website and also listed on Ravelry. (not freebies, I'm afraid)

The astute will notice from these patterns that I've got a new pattern template. It didn't bother me as much before, but since working on the book the brain is insisting on tidying up and reformatting all existing patterns into this new layout. It does look better, more professional, and 'cleaner'. But there are over 40 patterns so it could take me a while, especially as this 34-week-pregnant-lump is getting rather tired. *Sigh*. When I do get round to doing them all, previous customers won't need an upgrade or new pattern - the pattern content itself isn't changing, just getting tidied up.

So there where have it, 3 new patterns. Madness. You wouldn't believe how long the list is (still) of patterns that need finishing and writing up. You'd have thought that going through and clearing out my DIP's would have reduced the work load, not increased it....

*my verdict on the Harmonies for those interested. The wood is lovely and smooth, not as slippy as metal but better than your fave wood needles. The tips' point is great, and has got me thinking that some of my other needles are now too blunt. And the colour? Working with variegated yarn on these hasn't proved a problem, but it I quess it might do on some colourways... all of the Hats aboved were worked on them and the colours were no problem at all.

Have a knitterly weekend folks :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead