I've gotten used to folk spelling 'Woolly Wormhead' wrong, it comes with the territory. I'm English, and that's how it's spelt in English but of course our friends across the pond spell lots of words differently. You get used to it. Most folk copy and paste the URL when linking, so it generally works out OK.

Before now, if someone typed the wrong spelling into the URL they'd just get a 'page not found' message with a prompt to check spelling. Either that or they'd do a Google search, and whichever way you spell Woolly, you'll find me quickly.

Not really the case anymore. Tom discovered a copy-cat website last week. It has the .com URL with the single 'L' spelling of Woolly. I won't link to it or ask you to go look at it, because that's exactly what these people want you to do! They haven't copied any content as such, but have set up an advertising site based on all my keywords - Hats, Wool etc & Worms (which in computer terms means viruses, and anti-virus software) It's an advertising scam, basically. This copy-cat doesn't appear high in Google searches, so only those that spell the URL wrongly will find it.

It's damn frustrating, as there's very little I can actually do about it, as they haven't copied anything directly - they've just set it up based on the number of hits my site recieves and the number of inbound links (which is quite a lot, it seems) I could try appealing to them, but I'd guess they'd want money from me to close the site down and I can't afford this kinda dispute.

All I can do is urge everyone to spell Woolly Wormhead correctly! I guess I'm lecturing the wrong people here as you've no doubt followed a saved or tested link to get here. But can folk kinda check their spelling if you type it out, on your blog or in Ravelry etc? Thanks :)

PLEASE DON'T GO AND LOOK AT THE COPY-CAT SITE! They are banking on traffic from folk who spell my name the wrong way, and the best way to get this site shut down is to reduce it's traffic and hits, and get word around about checking spelling. I know it's a fine line and so many folk spell it with one 'L', and as I've said it's not normally a problem, but in this case it really helps to get it right.

As soon as the site is closed or the URL becomes available, I'll be nabbing it.

And the gremlins haven't stopped there. Lulu's firewall has decided to block all my email addresses and attempts at delivery, marking me as spam. That could have a knock-on effect, with me ending up in more spam/bulk folders. Grrrr. If I've sent you something and you haven't recieved it, that's the likley reason - check your spam folder! Again, all I can do is to keep pestering Lulu to fix their settings and ride this one out.

Why can't we just get on with our thing without all this grief? Big smelly poo pants to spammers and scammers!

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