Mr Tom would like to thank everyone for his birthday greetings but apologises for not coming to the computer himself as he has alcohol poisoning.

Two of his best friends were up from Bristol this weekend to have boy-time and celebrations. Sadly I also suffered from a lack of sleep as a one bedroom council flat isn't big enough to escape 3 drunken lads, despite ear-plugs and sleeping tablets. The lounge has been a swamp of dirty socks, empty beer cans and whatever else boys find to make a mess with, so access to the laptop or internet socket has been limited. They tell me they had lots of fun, and despite my grumpiness due to being kept awake 2 nights on the trot, I found the day after rather amusing as the sober one ;)

Oh, and apparently one of the sofa beds is fit for nothing more than use as a regular sofa now. It seems it's not up to the weight of 3 grown men sitting on the end of the bed having group hugs.

I, on the other hand, have been having some fun of my own. I made it down to Bristol on saturday for the Ravelry get together at Get Knitted! I nearly didn't make it, as the website where I booked my train ticket made a big booboo and the ticket wasn't booked at all... and a last minute fare was twice the price. Still, I figured this could be the last of such frolics for quite a while and got meself on that train.

So, the haul:-

A closer look reveals the following.....

6 balls of Rowan DK in a variety of colours. You're right, I'm not keen on Rowan and wouldn't normally buy any, but these colours are exactly what I was after for a couple of designs I have in mind.

Also there's some Artesano Inca Mist alpaca, again for more planned colour work designs.

I was impressed to find some Sirdar Eco wool - another brand I tend to avoid, but thought the eco wool might be worth a try. The Patons Fairlytale Colour 4 Me DK was a bargain, and should make a nice fabric when knitted.

More alpaca - Inca cloud in a couple of colours, that will co-ordinate with some I already have in my stash.

Cascade 220 - Quatro and Paints. Have a fair bit of Cascade 220 in my stash now, as me rather likes it. Have just finished a pattern in some, more about that later.

There's some seriously yummy Blue Sky Suri Merino in a minky grey colour. Luscious.

Being as I rather like Malabrigo Merino worsted, I grabbed a couple of skeins of Araucania Aysen in the sale which is very similar. The colours are lovely and feels so, so soft.

There's another skein of Lambs Pride Worsted, which is always handy to have around for patterns, specially as there's that extra yardage.

Finally, we have 2 x 50g skeins of Mirasol Hacho which is merino DK weight. It looks a bit dark in the photo but they are lovely deep shades of blues and burgundys.

Do click to make biggable for a better look. Sorry I've been lazy with the photos today.. y'know, it's sunday and all that.

Oh, I also purchased some extra needle ends and cable for my Harmonies, as I've now become rather attached to them. And some little dyed green abalone buttons for some Baba knits and some Amy Blatt fabric, with which I'm hoping to make a nice case for my Harmonies.

One other recent purchase.....

Nobody ever owned up to sending me that gift voucher for the Woolly Workshop, so if it was you then this is what I got with it, thank you! More alpaca, Artesano DK this time, for more colour designs.

Am on a bit of a colour kick at the moment, eh?

Lots of fun was had during the day, and lots of cake! (Wye Sue made cake for Tom which did make it home but didn't last very long ;) Many new faces to meet as well as a few familiars which was cool. Am glad I went, even if it has knackered me out and broken the bank. (but hey, I is topping up the work stash, innit)

Some of you are rather astute, aren't you? Yep, there's a new avatar photo... kinda fgured that it was about time I had a photo of me wearing one of my designs, as the last one wasn't. This one has never been written as a pattern but may get round to it one day. She says.

I need kip.

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