Now that's what I call a good start to 2008!

Lucy - in January 2008 MagKnits.

A sideways pattern, constructed the same as those in 'Going Straight'. Oddly enough, even though it might not look like it, this one was one of the trickier ones to resize - which is why the charts are listed separately for each of the 4 sizes (there are 3 sizes of each of the Hats in the book) Well, not perhaps difficult to grade in itself, just difficult to get it all onto one chart.

And yep, it has ear-flaps, although they are optional - constructing this way means you get this neat panel method, and you can work them in any order as you please. So if you choose for no ear-flaps or nothing but, you can ;)

The malabrigo is yummy, that goes without saying. And it knits up without problem - aran/worsted gauge and no tricky grafts etc.

Many, many thanks to CX and PixelDiva and the crew! (I hope you guys know how much I appreciate everything you've done)

Feedbook on the book thus far:-
... we've sold the 100th copy today! yey!

50% of sales have been for the download - guess that instant gratification does it. 37% are spiral-bound, 13% perfect-bound. This kinda surprised me, really.... I know when I asked folk for feedback on formats there were requests for the spiral bound version, but I didn't expect it to exceed the traditional book format.... guess I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to stuff like this.... I like to see all the spines of my books nicely lined up on shelves. I do get the reasons for having spiral-bound or PDF, though.

But yes, the spiral-bound has been popular. Also, the first of the printed hard copies started to arrive yesterday and all positive feedback thus far! At one point I felt a little overwhelmed with all the messages, emails & texts. Now I'm dead, dead chuffed that folk like it. Seems the content as well as the photos & layouts are all winners, which is super cool.

Very happy bunny today :D

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