Have a look at what Mr Postie woke us up with this morning (at a timely 7.50am)

Blogless Gloria sent us felted booties! Using her own hand-spun (consisting of random oddments of wool fibre to create a unique yarn) then knitted & fulled from the pattern in Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas

Aren't they just the best booties ever? OK, so we're not talking newborn baby booties here, we're talking robust slippers for when Baba starts to get on their feet. Spot on. Y'see, when it comes to clothing and stuff for Baba, practicality is the key.... we're gonna be living in a bus, after all. Delicate knits and special occasion wear just won't be up to our lifestyle. It could be cold or hot, depending on the weather (buses are rarely inbetween) Heating and hot water will come from a typical bus radiator and wood burning stove. We're not gonna have our own washing machine, just the kitchen sink and local laundrettes.

They measure 14cm/5 1/2" in length - can anyone give us an idea as to what age they would fit best? They look a little on the large size for babies, but then they are felted and not designed to be worn next to the skin - and baby sizes are still alien to me. These are rough n' tumble sorta slippers and we love them.

Thank you Mum!
(Sorry, couldn't resist the title of this post)

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