....am all linked up to my patterns/designer page, and my yarnie pages too on Ravelry. Feel like a fully fledged member now! Still have stacks of work to, being as I tend to get a bit pedantic about the finer details and all that.... and going through everything has bought a couple of typos to my attention on my website, so they'll be sorted soon.

Have added the Spiral Play tutorial as a pattern - does that seem ok? I've read of plenty of Hats being made from that tutorial, so figured it made some sense... And I discovered that my kitchener analysis has been added to the Ravelry Wiki, which is all good stuff!

2 of the freebie patterns have been taken down (Jester Hat & Runnin' Beanie) as I want to modify them and tidy them up, so if anyone's been using them and needs to see the old patterns before I get the new versions up, just shout. There's a baby version of Jester Hat waiting to be photographed and added to the freebie patterns page too!

Is it unreasonable for your boyfriend to be jealous of a website?

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