You discover when you start on a project like this, that not only does your own momentum drift and peak, but so does the external interest. It comes down to you to pimp yourself and keep the interest going.The book has never been far from my mind, even if it goes unmentioned. And despite having a pregnant brain that doesn't always want to calculate or edit, and despite external stress sources (grrr!) we're still ticking along here, albeit more slowly.

Since starting this project at the beginning of the year, hints and clues have been dropped and it's no secret now what the premise of the book is! Each pattern is knitted sideways, approached from a different direction to the standard knitting pattern, which allows for manipulation in stitch and form that wouldn't normally be possible.

I have been feeling rather protective of this project, no doubt due to the amount of time and effort that's been put into it. I'm not the first to think of working this way round, and couldn't claim otherwise, but nonetheless it feels like my creative child!

When the idea started to feel like a real possibility, I did all my research as any designer would. We need to know what else is out there - not only to give credit for inspiration where it's due, but also to make sure we're not treading on any toes or in breach of copyright. There wasn't that much out there then, which made the whole project seem much more credible.

Since then, a few more patterns have emerged, some in publication. Naturally I'm now feeling more anxious about getting the project finished (which isn't helped by an AD deprived, hormonally pregnant brain!) When a new idea (or one that has been dormant for some time) emerges, it tends to cause a fad amongst the community. By the time you have thought, planned, crafted, edited and published a book it can look like you are the last to latch on, yet the exact opposite is normally true.

Alongside the patterns will be a selection of relevant and useful tutorials. Fully comprehensive and as clear as is humanly possible, the book has evolved to be as much about the techniques as the patterns, which I think is ace. The techniques involved are pretty specific, yet no way near as scary as folk tend to think.

All patterns are now written, knitted, modelled and photographed. There's still a little tech-editing to do, and I need to finish the tutorials.... after that it's a matter of using words to link it all into together and try and make it all look and feel lovely. The bulk of the hardwork is done, and the rest shouldn't take too long.

All of the 24 patterns were written and knitted between February and July this year. They were all modelled and photographed between May and August. I have the most fantastic production team working with me, and the fact that everything has fallen into place is mostly down to them. Honestly, considering the minuscule budget (which barely covers lunch on photo shoots) and tight schedule I couldn't have asked more from any of them.

The book will only be available from Lulu to start with... the funds that were stashed for wholesale printing have depleted somewhat over what has been the long dry period of zilch income. Hopefully individual online sales will help raise enough to get printing started (emphasis on the word hope)

We're a little late for the original September target of publication, but it will still be done by the end of the year.

Other news:- Ravelry is eating time, man! Still haven't been linked to my pattern pages and have been getting help from those lovely editors in getting mistakes rectified (4 of my patterns were credited elsewhere for example) All of the volunteers have been stars, yet they can't predict how a designer or yarnie wants their pages laid out.

Wye Sue told me off for being constantly signed in, yet I'm not always playing! I just leave the window open as I'm receiving loads of messages (lots of new friends!) and it's far easier than keep signing in. Still haven't fully found my way around yet.... but I will ;)

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