Ravelry, that is.

Seems to have taken an eon but that serves me right for not signing up when I first knew about it. I can't do much until I'm linked up to the Woolly Wormhead pattern and yarn pages, which has to done manually. It's a tad different, logging in as a designer.

User name is 'WoollyWormhead' (serious slap for anyone who thought otherwise) and you should recognise the photo...

Now I must be patient and wait to be linked up to my pages. Thank you kindly to those volunteer editing folk who have looked after these pages but I can't wait to get my mitts on them!

BTW, haven't forgotten that I owe a few emails. Honest.

Updated:- Here's the fab button that Lixie made for me! Shall be adding that to my sidebar shortly.... once I've finished uploading all my Hat FO's onto you know where....

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