New books, baby books.

This first one arrived yesterday from Wye Sue, with a note saying she just couldn't resist! A book all about a sheep called Woolly who is inclined to escape and explore pastures new.... it's totally spot on, thanks Sue :) That's now 2 sheepy books we have for Baba, including the one that Carina bought us last year as a hint.

This 2nd book is another new arrival. I figured it was about time I looked at reading a book on pregnancy, other than the standard NHS issue. Having read a few reviews, Birth and Beyond came out as a good read, and so far so good.

I like the way it's written, it's tone, and it's holistic point of view. It's reassured me about my feelings - not just about the identity crisis and motherhood, but also because I'm still feeling a little numb about the pregnancy, for want of a better word.

It's a huge book, a mere 2 inches thick and with a whopping 576 pages. Not a light read (my arms struggle when I'm feeling tired!) but it's doing it's job and would highly recommend it.

On the subject of birth, I wanna ask for some advice and feedback... It's no secret I'm not keen on giving birth in this country for a number of reasons, but mainly 'cos of the feelings of being stuck/trapped, and the higher risk of post natal depression.

So we've been looking into the possibilities of other countries. Our first thought was Italy as Tom lived there for a number of years and speaks the lingo fluently. Unfortunately he's not filled with confidence regards the local hospitals (near Rimini) and have also been told they're perhaps a little too keen to perform Cesareans. Shame, as the site in Italy (home of the Mutoids - we were last there a couple of years ago) is pretty civilised, we know people and a friend there is a few months ahead in her pregnancy.

Instead our minds have turned to Holland. Now, Tom lived on a site in Amsterdam for a couple of years, although I haven't visited. I've been to Amsterdam donkey's years ago, but not the commune itself. We were planning on spending a few months there before moving on to Italy, so why not stop there a little longer?

My instinct feels tonnes happier with the Dutch system, especially as my research shows that Holland has the lowest cesarean rate in the western world, and that folk in Europe tend to head towards Holland for water births, home or hospital. I'm a tad paranoid about complications so a hospital water birth is my current focus... plenty of you have recommended water births, and I have to say I think I'd be stacks more comfortable.

So can anyone advice on things like cost (a huge factor), the possibility of claiming on the EHIC form, availability in Amsterdam hospitals, the general climate towards visitors etc? Or perhaps direct us to a place where we can find more out about the cost and booking?

Any help received would be wonderful and would put our minds at rest (especially Tom, as protective Daddy mode kicked in some while back) You can email me privately or leave a comment (with email addy if possible) - thanks in advance!

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