Thank you for your support and comments on my last post. Sometimes I really hate it when all the crap splurges out onto this blog, but it's better out than in.... it's all part of me, after all. Please bear with me whilst I yo-yo around for a little longer.

For those that asked - I am getting legal advice and support from MIND and they're great, yet they can't weave magic and take away the daily hassle. A lawyer is way out of my budget, so we're doing it the slow way. Couldn't cope without them right now!

Amongst all the recent chaos a wonderful parcel arrived and it's about time I said a huge thanks and showed off the bounty. So without further ado....

From top left we have:-

1) 500g of 100% Garthenor Organic Jacob chunky, which I've already cast on, 2) 650g of King Cole Anti-Tickle merino DK in a bright shade of yellow, which will be skeined and dyed, 3) 4 x 1oz balls of a vintage pure wool crepe - I'm a sucker for such yarns! Enough for a Hat, you'll be pleased to hear. 4) mill sample wool oddments for freeform work and 5) Cat Bordhi's new book 'New Pathways for Sock Knitters' and a superb sheep purse (contents not included)

A sock book may seem a little odd to those who know my library and habits well enough, and fear not dear Hat lovers, I'm not crossing over to the other side. It was a gift not only because I enjoy Bordhi's books, but also for the techniques involved and the way she lays the book out (research, innit) Haven't had a thorough look through yet, so shall save my verdict for now.

All of these yarns and goodies came from the ever so naughty Susoolu who should have been enjoying goodies received on her birthday, not sending them out! Many, many thanks :)

The Jacob has been cast on and will (sometime soon) become a seamless hoodie vest (I hope) It's not fitted, or a glamorous knit. Instead it will be a warm, practical, bus-dwelling knit, which is the kinda thing this yarn is meant to be used for. I'm aiming to write everything down that I'm doing and eventually get it into pattern form to share. Only fair, a way of saying thank you for the yarn.

And now I need to feed my pregnant belly.

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