Maybe it's only a temporary glitch after coming off the meds, or maybe it's a huge hint at the fact that I wasn't ready to cope without them. Either way, I've another 6 weeks before any doctor will reconsider my need for AD's 'cos of the risks during pregnancy.

After an afternoon nap yesterday, I just sat in the sofa and had a panic attack, Just like that. Barely slept well during the night, and had a major freak out this morning. Haven't stopped crying since.

I know myself well enough, I've been here before. I'm bloody scared. I've been on an emotional wobble for a couple of weeks now and it hasn't gotten any better.

The only thing I will continue is the photo shoot for the book, which is hopefully next weekend. The team are friends, and with Tom at my side it should be ok. I'm not needed much on that day anyway.

Otherwise, life is on hold. It has to be, otherwise I put Baba at risk.

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