Secret Pal 7 yielded me 2 friends, as has often been mentioned here. My spoilee, Swapna, hales all the way from India and she has been over here for a holiday. How about that - meeting a (blogging) friend all the way from the other side of the world?!

Swapna and her mum were using our flat as a base whilst in London, and so we were the first port of call after arriving at Heathrow. She came bearing gifts and full of excitement. This first piece is a gorgeous top - pattern and colours spot on, don't you think? I was told the correct name for this top but promptly forgot, so I'm hoping Swapna will remind me ;) Loose, comfy and cool it's already been worn a couple of times and I love it.

Next we have another in the same print, this time a sari, and a great locally produced book all about the crafts of India. Then we have a selection of Indian teas, a roll-on Sandalwood perfume and an Indian coffee maker. There was coffee to go with it, and Tom can vouch for how good it was. The sandal wood perfume is strong, yet I love musky smells, as anyone who's been within 5 yards of me can tell from the stench of patchouli.





Totally overwhelmed by all of these. I know I said it at the time but I'll say it again - thank you!

I couldn't tell you much about Swapna's trips around the UK, as they are her stories and you'll need to pop over to her blog to read them. I can say how amazing it was, to meet someone so far away that's become a friend... I think sometimes when we meet more local bloggers that we kinda get used to it, almost expect it, yet this is something else all together.

I was hoping that she'd be around on a tuesday evening so she could come along to AngelKnits, but it didn't happen. Swapna arrived on a tuesday, left on a tuesday and was galavanting around the north of England on the other. Never mind. They did make the most of their time here though, with a busy agenda of cultural hot-spots and train timetables (and plenty of photos)

Wonderful memories.

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