One fine and healthy baby! All limbs present and correct, fingers, toes, tummy, heart and brain etc.

I have failed to explain as some point that this pregnancy wasn't an accident. That, infact, we had made a decision and that was that. We hadn't got as far as any real planning as such because I fell instantly, like, straight away. Voila.

Or so we thought.

From the dates we had been working on Baba would be due on 7th March next year. It's pretty normal to have your dates put back after the first scan, as they measure from the first day of your last period and most folk fall half way through the cycle. Not so with us. Today we find out that by the time we'd gone au naturale, we were already a few weeks pregnant. So now Baba is due on 29th February 2008. A leap year baby. Typical.

Instead of being the predicted 12 weeks gone, I'm 13 weeks and 4 days. That may explain the somewhat rapid expansion in certain areas. We have worked out that this little fella was conceived of a weekend (aren't most?) and we all know we what we get up to at weekends (y'know, go and work on our bus, Barp, incase you've forgotten) And so it's highly likely Baba is a bus-baby which pleases us immensely.

They did the whole risk assessment for Down's Syndrome, took measurements etc and showed that our risk is really, really low, about the same as someone 10 years younger than me, which is fantastic. Have been worrying about me age and all that.

And finally a shot that Mulder would be proud of.

just realised that not only was I preggers at WoolFest and Glastonbury, both complete with damp alcohol filled evenings, but also when I did my ankle in and was put on that lovely mix of Cocodamol and Ibuprofen! Trying not to freak out over the possible risks 'cos what's done is done. Kinda cool though to know that this is one determined Baba to have clung on so far.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead