Not, I'm afraid the stuff that tops up our vitamin D levels and keeps the serotonin balanced. Just some stuff that's actually good. This week has so far heralded positive, almost cheery news. Hell knows why the sun has done a bunk and left August looking more like November, though.

I met my midwife for the first time. I do listen folks, and have been taking onboard everything you've said about seeking 2nd opinions about the medication, the possibility of a pregnancy psychologist etc. So I go along to my first meeting, unsure what to expect but psyched up to ask the questions and push the issue.

I didn't need to. I've already been put on a special scheme that caters for woman in my situation. My consultant specialises in cases of women with mental health problems, particularly depression, throughout and after pregnancy. The maternity psychologist will do an assessment and consider what else I may need. A social worker will be assigned, but I'm told that's just procedure and not to be scared... the last time I met one of those was when they put me under house arrest after the last breakdown. I get one to one with my widwife, unlimited time with her, shown by this first meeting lasting nearly an hour and a half.

I came out feeling mightily relieved. Made such a change to get the support I need without having to fight for it. Cool, huh?

My meeting with the legal & benefits advisor at MIND. My helper is organised, knowledgeable, on the ball and about as efficient as you can get. Add that to human and approachable and you think you've won the lottery.

She's very happily taken over the legal issues that I need help with, and will try to get my hasslers off my case. She's also given me the full run down regards what benefits I'm due and how it all works. Then she went on to explain that not only did my former employer f*ck up sorting out my paperwork and settlement pay by making it all six months late (as you may remember), but that they f*cked up even more than that. It was a good job I was sitting down when she told me.

The long and short is that when I went onto half sickpay July last year, my SSP ran out and my former employer should have provided me with paperwork that would have enabled me to claim the Incapacity Benefit I'm rightly entitled to. I knew I was due some paperwork at the time, complained that I didn't get it, but never knew the true value of it.

In essence, I'm about £3,000 or more down thanks to the their slacktitude. As if I'm not owed enough 'cos the benefits folk are taking their time... if they had sorted my paperwork out on time I wouldn't be in this current mess, but to think I'm £3K worse off 'cos of them on top of that?!

Anyhow, there's a chance we can claim the money but I'm not holding my breath. All in all though, it was a revitalising meeting, and I came out feeling much lighter.

Thursday (today)
Shame that my bubble had to be burst by a telephone conversation with another party today. Just 'cos we're dealing with mental health here (recurrent clinical depressive disorder or whatever) doesn't mean they have to treat me like an idiot.

The engineer from my insurance company came to inspect the car today, and tells me there's a chance they might not right off my car after the accident. I hope he's right.

I'm mighty glad that this week I've had a chance to meet a whole bunch of people who do treat me like a human being. Things actually seem to be looking up for once.


Anyhow's, being completely skint (still) I've listed some hand-dyed Wensleydale fibres on Etsy. I've got this stuff coming out of my ears, so if it sells I may dye some more. It's from a top quality fleece that I washed and sorted meself, and I can tell you these locks are yummy. Here's a little taster...
Oh, and finally I can say that there are now enough participants on my Hat workshop at FibreFest so I'm definitely gonna be there! If you see me however do remind me that I musn't spend all of my fee for the day, ok?

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