I realised I had no knitting on the needles. None. And today is not one of those days when I can think and just cast on. Today I need guidance, need to be told. Today has not been a creative day.

Even trying to work out what to knit could have been stressful. Ploughing through the stash, deciding which of the (few) patterns I like would be next to be tackled. All of the patterns I fancy require 150g or more of yarn, and most of my stash is in 100g quantities.

But then I remembered this:-

It's a skein of hand-spun bought at WoolFest '06. 150g of cheviot and silk, somewhere around a DK, giving a gauge of 20sts to 10cm/4" on 3mm needles over garter stitch.

So then I cast on this :-

And now I feel a whole lot calmer.

EZ's infamous 'TomTem'. Not as well known as the BSJ, but many hardened EZ fan's seem to prefer this modular knit to that famous piece of origami.

The yarn is perfect - right gauge to produce a jacket for a wee one 6 months to a year, and in a lovely mix of blues and greens to suit our unisex agenda.

Now I can sit with Tom and watch a film without fear of fidgeting, restless hands. Have even started day dreaming about dyeing enough fibre and spinning enough yarn to make either an Adult Surprise Jacket or Adult TomTem for myself. It's been ages since I knitted anything for me.

"Work straight for 40 ridges"...... bliss.

Update:- have now added a gallery for all the things I'm making for the Baba.

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