In connection with the Sheep Challenge, Kristi sent me a link to a blog about one sheep's adventures (thanks kristi!). A sheep called Youssouf who is on a mission to travel the world. I've borrowed a photo of his to give you an idea.

Youssouf has been to many different parts of the world and snapped the evidence to prove it, and all his adventures can be found on his SheepLog. I'm impressed and a little envious, too. So in light of this amazing sheepiness, I've created this special award:-

Wouldn't you agree the award is worthy? Super sheep activity, gotta be said. Go read some of his adventures and find out what he's been up to. Has got me wondering whether I should attempt something like this when we get going...


And now FibreFest. I have every intention of going, and thanks to everyone who has asked. However, this may change somewhat.

Most of the workshops available during the festival have had slightly slower than expected sales, and unless more participants book a place many may have to be cancelled. I think this is a such a shame, as I know how all of the teachers and lecturers work so hard to make the workshops worthwhile. It may be that the lack of sunshine has put folk off, or maybe it's because it's a new festival. Perhaps folk are even planning on booking on the day. Problem is, is that we need the advance bookings. My workshop only needs one more booking! Yet if that extra one isn't received and my workshop gets cancelled, I quite simply can't afford to go.

This is no threat or pressure (honest) just a fact. However if you know of anyone that was intending booking a workshop and hasn't yet, or maybe you've been pondering one yourself, then hop on over and book as soon as.

Anyhow, being as I only need one more booking I'm making plans. Is anyone else camping? I'll be driving, as booking and paying for a train ticket is too risky incase it gets cancelled, and a car allows me to carry loads of resources and extra warmth for the tent (being as roughing it is no longer an option) And I have to drive, as the bad ankle stopped me driving for two whole months.


Today has been an unusual day. Tom was meant to be helping Sheila build her a shed, but was cancelled due to the rain (it's been raining in the UK? You're kidding! How unusual) As much as it's a day lost working on the bus, it's been our first free day together for nearly 6 months. It's been that long since poor Mr Tom has had a proper day off, and so we've been very lazy :)

There's not been much mention of the build of late... mainly 'cos doing my ankle in nearly 2 1/2 months ago (how long?!) stopped me doing much and slowed everything right down. Then there's the work on the kinda things that just don't show, like adding the hot water tank and fixing leaks. However, we have been decorating these last couple of weekends:-

So, we're coming along and at last there's a vague hint of colour inside, rather than unfinished marine ply. I've really enjoyed the painting - something not-too-physical, and at last feel involved again. BTW, don't anybody dare ask me when me might be leaving. Each time I've given an estimated departure date another hold-up comes along and gets in the way, so for now my lips are sealed. Besides, it's way too depressing aiming for a date and missing it again. We are going though, for sure.

More photos added to the build gallery if anyone's interested.

Think that's it for now though I've bound to have forgotten something. Oh well, it is sunday after all.

Edit:- those photos of us painting above? We're both sitting in different sections of the under seating storage compartments. The seating forms an 'L' shape, 6ft x 5ft roughly, 2ft high and 2 1/2ft deep. A big space. And all for my stash! Nice one.

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