The brain, that is. And so it should be. Today mine has gone off on some tangent somewhere, dreaming about finally linking this blog in with the website properly. Like, have the blog on the grown up domain.

Best not to ask why 'cos I couldn't tell you. But hey, I see it as a sign of activity returning (albeit erratic), good activity that likes to problem solve. The sort of brain activity that was abundant before the nervous breakdowns and years of heavy duty AD's.

Anyhow.... yeah. My website is all done through a template and user friendly interface that won't allow me to redirect between external pages... in short, unless I get brave and go it alone with FTP and the like, this blog will have to stay with Blogger. I know some HTML but not enough to feel confident going solo.

Then there's also the agro of getting everyone to change their links, so it would be really cool if I can get this address to redirect to the new one, but I wouldn't have a clue how to do that. Blogger itself ain't keen, so I'd need some secret code. I'd keep the free patterns and tutorials at this address, as they seem to be strangely linked up in more places than I even knew existed.

How do the clever folk out there who use WordPress or Moveable Type with their grown up domain find it? Is it really scary changing over? Any advice?

BTW, this is not gonna happen tomorrow. Oh no, as I have all sorts of other fascists organisations to deal with and shout at talk to. One brilliant thing has happened today though. I have an appointment next week with a benefits & debts expert at my local MIND centre. I have a safety net again, one that unlike the AD's will be able to help me sort the mess out with all the people that I owe and am owed by. A safety net that has the strength to point out to these monkeys people that I am indeed covered by the DDA and they ought to be supporting me, not shoving me over the edge. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much of a relief this is. I already feel like I've jumped the first mountain.

Being as I'm still a fragile, emotional, lump that's getting bigger by the week, when I came off the phone to the lovely lady at MIND I cried with happy relief. I kid you not.

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