So I finished the next lot of sanity knitting. Here in all it's glory is EZ's 'TomTen'. Knitted from 150g of handspun Cheviot & silk mix in soft shades of blues and greens (I did try to get the colours to behave themselves on camera)

I like it, but not sure if I like it as much as the BSJ. A pleasant knit, modular, and absolutely ideal for my head in it's current climate. Using 3mm needles the gauge was 20sts to 10cm/4" over garter stitch. The gauge might sound a little odd for a DK yarn, but this is handspun and that always is a law unto itself. I really like the irregular colour changes in the yarn... which probably isn't a surprise.

Measuring just shy of 20inches/50.5cm around the chest when closed, I'm hoping it'll be ideal for Baba during the first winter when he/she will be around 9 to 12 months old.

I didn't do as EZ recommended and add a zip... I'm not overly keen on zip's in knitwear unless the item is heavy enough to take it, and I didn't feel this was. Instead I used a complimentary yarn and crocheted a button band in double crochet (US - single) I used the principle of button-holes that EZ employs in the BSJ and added them both sides, one set of which will be stitched over by buttons when we discover the sex of Baba.

I did run out of yarn about 2/3 of the way down the sleeves, which was mighty annoying.... so I frogged a few rows from the bottom cast on edge to help me finish the sleeves, and used the yarn from the button band to finish the sleeve and bottom edges. Fortunately I did work out how much I needed to unravel to finish the sleeves to a good length and I did intend explaining all the maths... but the brain isn't so willing now.

Baba's got their first hoodie ;)

If anyone is interested in the pattern, it's available in 'Knitting Without Tears'.

Meantime on the Hat front I've been working my way through my freebie patterns and re-knitting and re-writing them for the wee ones. The latest is Baby Rollin Beret and is now up on the free patterns page along with the mini versions of Tri-Peak and I-cord Beanie.

I did try to model this one on something round but had nothing suitable... and I have no baby or children sized head models. Even a large ball of yarn looked totally naff, so a flat version it is then.

Like the others, this uses 50g or less of Aran or Worsted weight yarn. I think this one is rather cute for a baby, must say. Have never been hugely keen on writing patterns for kids as I've always intended to design funky Hats for adults.... adult Hats can be *so*boring.... but I am enjoying making miniature versions for now.

Wish the ol' grey matter would be willing to do some of the technical stuff needed for the book, like resizing the patterns and converting them between charted and written format. Heyho. One thing at a time, one day at a time.

Please don't worry folks - we're alright here. There's been a hell of a lot of other shit been going on for months, mainly financial stuff and trying to tie up all the loose ends after losing my job, and after Greenwich Council being so slack with giving me monies and paperwork owed etc etc (seriously - there have been wrongly issued court summons and everything, and I still haven't received any of the benefits I'm due). That hassle hasn't stopped, not even for a week, since the beginning of the year. And as much as it makes me feel like giving up on some days, I am surviving. And if I can survive all of this then I must be doing OK.

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