After a long, long chat with my GP, it was decided that the best course of action was to stop the AD's altogether. There's been little research into how Venlafaxine affects pregnant women (as apposed to pregnant men?), and I don't fancy being a guinea pig. I could change to one of the SSRI's where the effects are known, but as my GP said, a risk is a risk. My current dose is low enough to make stopping relatively easy, but boy those side effects are pissing me off. Dizziness, numb tongue, a sense of imbalance to name but a few. So what with the ankle still not being right, walking has been declared a dangerous sport.

Am right off coffee. It stopped tasting right some time last week, and I gave up trying to make it taste right. And just like that, I've stopped smoking. Well, the habit of rolling a fag and lighting it is a little more persistent, maybe twice a day, but one taste and it's 'bleurgh' and I hand it over to Tom.

My poor body is losing all of it's favourite poisons all at once. Not surprising that I'm a little bit of a space cadet right now.....

Now my body demands green tea (good job I liked it anyway), fresh fruit, hearty, solid meals (give me a roast dinner right now) and generally rather healthy cravings. Anything sweet, or cooked in a sauce is likely to get a nasty reaction.

It is so exciting, isn't it? I can now tell that I'm 5 1/2 weeks, due date of 7th march.

Thank you so, so much for all your messages! It's unlikely I'll be able to reply to them all, as talking gibberish is the order of the week and I'm a bit worried I'll offend someone (if I haven't already... says she who's just deleted a while pile of text from this entry). It could take up to another 2 weeks for the withdrawal symptons to subside, so methinks it's best I lay low for a while...

oh... I found this this morning on my travels. A fellow knitter and black-dog sufferer has started an awareness campaign. You can find more info here.

It's something I've often pondered over... and then I got thinking that in some ways, each time I whinge about it, the black dog scores another point so thought it best for me to just get on with stuff.

Good luck to her - I know there are plenty of us out there.

Now, what shall I have for breakfast?

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