There's a baby Wormhead on the way!

We are very, very happy :) It's all been confirmed by the doctor... still early, about a month gone with a due date of late february or early march. It's all wonderful and daunting at the same time!

We're still going off travelling! If anything, it's probably even more important to go.... not just for my sanity but also because London is one of the last places we'd want to raise a family. We've a few things to think about but it's more than manageable.

We aren't rich so this offspring won't be decked out in baby designer gear or drowning in toys. But they will get plenty of quality time with the parents, both of whom have a whole stack of skills and worldly experience to share.

I need to get my head straight and finish the book before I get distracted by knitting baby clothes ;)

Wahoo - I'm pregnant!!

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