I did promise those that couldn't make it to WoolFest plenty of photos so they could at least share the experience from afar. This is the only photo taken during the weekend.....

This is Sarah helping our would be bonfire along on friday evening at the campsite. Many, many apologies for complete slackness with the camera. One photo! Bear in mind though that I was having trouble walking (with aid) and carrying bags, chatting to woolly folk... it's not surprising the camera was forgotten.

Friday evening saw meself, blogless Gloria, auntie Paula, Susoolu, Wye Sue, Sarah and Sarah have a good 'ol chat and drink sat around a much needed bonfire, which was fab. Hardly slept during the night as it was bloody freezing, and the weather only got worse from there.

With all the recent rain and flooding, Sheffield was one of the worst hit areas in the country. Fortunately, my mothers' house survived intact (v.v.lucky, when you consider the closing of the M1 and all the other problems) so we decided on saturday it was safer to head back to Yorkshire after WoolFest rather than fair another night of the weather in Cumbria.

The festival itself was as good as last year. There was an obvious drop in numbers of visitors, and we can blame the worst June rain on record for that. Still, I met plenty of folk including Cledry Yarner, AmberMoggie, Silvia, FreeStyleFibre, Acrylic, Craftymad DramaQueen, Badger, ArtyFartyKat, Jeni and many, many more. At one point I was barely able to hobble around due to being accosted chatting! I believe there may be a few snaps of meself with strange creatures which can be found on these blogs, and most of them have many more photos of the event than me (which isn't difficult) (Badger's report is particularly good)

I attended an hours' lecture on 'Promoting Craft Textiles', led by Ann Walker. It was really good - no new information as such, but it did tell me that I've been thinking in the right direction. One of her key points was pricing, an issue I feel strongly about, and that spleen will be vented another time.

And the haul? Modest compared to times of old. Tom reckons I've let the side down and has banned me from such events until I learn how to spend properly again.

From top left we have (all yarns are in 100g quantities as always) :-

  1. Jamieson's Shetland in coral and Catalina Alpaca in mauve
  2. Organic natural wool in slate and Cascade 220 in turquoise heather
  3. Ashford Tekapo, which I've never seen for sale in the UK so had to be had.
  4. Wensleydale Aran in ceris and charcoal, and UK Alpaca/BFL in mustard
  5. A variety of space dyed DK from Winghams - have used some of this for the book and it's wonderful.
  6. A tapestry bobbin (for the collection) and various DPN's including dinky glove ones all from Scottish Fibres.
  7. Some geeky DVD's on wool production and a bargain wet felting Hat book, which was worth it alone for inspiration
  8. Some beautiful ram pewter buttons and some perfect 'worry sheep', all from the Wensleydale Sheep Shop
Wonderful gifts were received from friends and bloggers... a delightful doll made (from wool!) by AmberMoggies own fair hands and a sheepy fridge magnet from my mother. There's also a dinky sheep pin button from Wye Sue, which went straight on my coat, so until I find exactly where I left my coat there's no photo. Isn't the doll beautiful? I've seen these many times on Amber's blog and it's great to receive one. Thank you :)

I also met a few folk who had knitted up some of my Hat patterns! That was cool - yet I completely forgot to remind them to email me a photo for the owners' gallery.

It's not gonna take a genius to work out that most of the haul is for work/pattern writing. Gone are my days of frivolous wool buying just 'cos I love it. If Wormhead's ever gonna be a success, this is the path forward. Notice also the lack of spinning materials - wasn't I a good girl?! I'm literally swimming in fibres and fleeces, not helped by the current lack of spinning on my behalf, due to finishing the book and this dodgy ankle.

Talking of the ankle, it is healing but still not right. Boy, did it punish me for two relatively active days. I can walk on it better but still no bending or flexibility, and there's still some stubborn swelling. If I was feeling unfit before the accident, I am more so now. Sigh. Still, it ain't getting in the way of enjoying meself too much ;)


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